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Deep Learning jobs at IKEA Digital Lab!!

We now have 3 new position open to work with cutting edge Deep Learning (AI) in the field of Visual data science at IKEA Digital lab. Building future solutions needed to support Spatial Computing experiences that is the Lab’s focus.

Deep Learning Specialist – Lead Visual data science
Deep Learning Specialist – Visual data science
Deep Learning Engineer – Visual data science

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Join the IKEA Digital Lab – 3D Standards Engineer

IKEA Digital Lab is looking for a someone with experience in software engineering and software architecture, that can represent our interest in securing standards within 3D graphics in the area of spatial computing, and have deep interest in IP and Patents within the Lab.  We’d love the customer interface to become more three-dimensional and are participating in standardization groups like Khronos Group in topics that will enable it. Think you know someone who is interested? Please pass this job ad forward! We call this role Standards Leader, read more about it via the links below.

Read more on LinkedIn here
Read more at SmartRecruiters  here

Join the IKEA Digital Lab – Game Developer

The Digital Lab is right now looking for a Game Developer with knowledge within XR Development. In this position you will use your technical expertise to explore, evaluate and transfer innovation insights. We’re on the lookout for passionate doers, idea makers, creative thinkers – people who want to find answers to everyday problems in people’s lives, for society and the planet.

Link to ad on LinkedIn here
Link to ad here

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