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Successful VR for non gamers is all about two things….

 Successful VR with HMD for non gamers is all about two things.

  • Room scale tracking with high accuracy without blind spots, made for standing experience  ( at least 1,5×1,5m or 5×5 feet on floor and over  2m high or 7 feet)
  • Fully tracked hand controllers, in the same space. 

If you are a non gamer, or aming for non gamers with VR/MR/AR these are the most important things. If you have this, the respons from non gamers is awesome

Of course you have to cover the basics with good resolution in the HMD, with stereo and the right IPD, and good enough render power to handle what ever you want to show in at least 90 frames per second. Most of the high end HMD’s, that will come to market 2016, handle that with almost the same specs. 

The reason why you need the above is that non gamers can instantly grasp how you move around, as they walk/lean/kneel/turn to move their view. And when they want to interact they move the controller with their hands/arms as they are used to in real life, and it just works. 

I have seen it work. Non gamers get totally immersed after 15-30 seconds, with a big smile on their lips ;-).  And they do not feel motion sickness during or afterwards as all movements  gets the correct respons in the HMD, via the eyes to the brain, as it would in the real world. 

If you are skeptical about VR for non gamers, and have not tried VR in the above setup, then please do! I promise you, you will be convinced that it will work!