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If you need share a map position, do it with 3 words ;-)

If you think that “consume vertical studios” is easier to communicate/remember than “52.45434 23.4566” and if you have the need to tell where you are or give directions for a meeting place somewhere on earth then read on…this idea/app is for you.

What3Words have divided up all of earth in 3×3 meter patches that all got a unique 3 word identifier. They also have an app and a webpage to translate the words to a position of he map and vice versa…You can actually have the words in other languages than English.

So consume.vertical.studios is actually the spot outside the entrance to my workplace at IKEA in Sweden. If you ever come for a visit this is where you go! Cool isn’t it 😉

embodied.quality.twitchy is the Louvre in Paris

always.flash.buyers is the entrance to the SIGGRAPH convention in LA next week.

What’s the words of your spot on earth?

…..check it out at