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Join our IKEA startup Bootcamp! Apply now!

Depending on what your startup is focusing on, could be anything from new products , production methods, materials or new ways of meeting the customer in VR/MR you are more than welcome to apply. You will get a senior global IKEA business leader as mentor as well as access to tailored mentorship & advice from both IKEA and Rainmaking’s global network of serial entrepreneurs and experts.
Link to article about it! And in the article you find a link to the applications!

PokĂ©mon Go is really super big in the world right now, passing both “sex” and “news” as most used search word on Google.

PokĂ©mon Go is really super big in the world right now, passing both “sex” and “news” as most used search word on Google. 

Not bad for an “augmented reality”/map based game….this is only the beginning…and a fraction of what a MR games will do to the world in a few years 😉
Link so you can check for yourself 
Survey monkey also show crazy data on downloads and retaining players. It’s passing everything and fast…Twitter and Google maps already and slowly reaching snapchat. 

Read all at Survey Monkey

Future steps in VR…as predicted by popular science

Below parts of the Article that is about the future:


Magic Leap hopes to master “mixed reality.” The VR startup’s light-field displays could eventually enable viewers to interact with both the real world and a virtual object projected on it.


The haptics problem—recreating touch and pressure in VR—could be solved by stimulating nerves with electrodes, building on research into muscle-propelled force feedback at the Hasso Plattner Institute.


Streaming data could allow VR to render any physical location in real time. Office spaces might all go virtual.


Artificial intelligence and VR will dovetail, so people could develop bonds with virtual humans. At least that’s the speculation of Hunter Hoffman, lead designer of Snow World: “The brain is pretty open to buying into that.”


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