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I finally found the 2 animated movies that got me into CGI….not seen them in 26 years ;-)

In the late summer of 1990 I was invited to the Autodesk office in Gothenburg by Lars-Åke Moreau and he showed me the below two movies. After seeing them I was totally hooked and just needed to find a way of working with CGI….so I started as a reseller for 3D studio. I only saw these movies ones….and never more…until now when I thought of searching for them on YouTube….26 years later. 

I remembered them being MUCH better quality 😉   But never the less they sparked my passion for CGI, so I’m forever greatful to the creators!!!

(At the end of the last one you also get the spec for a 3D computer in 1990….3MB ram …;-)

“The Corner Stone” by Tom Hudson

Better version:

“Bored Room” promotional video for 3D Studio 1 (Dos version)

Here is a video showing the early interface by Tom Hudson:

Side not….found this old thing too

Animator from 1990 was a 2D animation software that could do 320×200 pixel animations in 256 colors…much like animated gifs ;-)….this was my introduction to animation and I actually earned money holding a course in using it… Spring 1990….and got me into the conference room at Autodesk where I got to see the two movies above…