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Over 10K views – IKEA at AWE – presentation June 2024 in US

Thanks so much, all the people spending time looking at the IKEA use case. So far 20 days after the event it’s been viewed over 10,000 times and it is the most viewed talk from the event (at this moment in time😎), and I get so many nice comments and new connections from it, as I ask for it in the end.

Thank you Sonya Haskins and the AWE team, I had a really lovely time at AWE in June this year doing the presentation live on mainstage the first day.

Talk titel -> “IKEA’s Journey Through 3D Visualization and Spatial Computing”

Rehearsal at the Hotel before the event.

20 mintes before the talk waiting back stage.

On stage…

Recorded presentation

Recorded presentation on youtube…and here is a youtube play list to older talks