Best SIGGRAPH so far…feeling good!

I leave SIGGRAPH with a feeling of excitement. No other year have it felt like people talk so much about what’s close at hart for a retailer like IKEA when it comes to CG.

  • Make Material move between render engines, define once render anywhere.
  • Open, collaborative standard for 3D scenes like USD.
  • Better High end materials, for offline use as well as compressing it to real-time renderable.
  • Focus on retailers like us as the 3D commerce group in Khronos

Suddenly you don’t feel so alone anymore……as we did presenting the first time publicly at SIGGRAPH in 2013.

Feeling good leaving SIGGRAPH 2019….but already miss the energy during these 5 days meeting brilliant people….. looking forward to next year already!

PS..Thanks for bringing back the “Geek Bar”at SIGGRAPH …’s simply the best?


1 thought on “Best SIGGRAPH so far…feeling good!

  1. Hi Martin.

    It was a great SIGGRAPH indeed (also DigiPro and The Pipeline Conference). It was a long six days of great talks, interactions and pure energy in the convention center.

    USD seems like a clear highlight and I hope it becomes mainstream in 2019. Also I hope material exchange between applications also gets a push.

    Satish Goda

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