Simpsons assemble IKEA Couch.. ;-)

2 thoughts on “Simpsons assemble IKEA Couch.. ;-)

  1. Martin- love your posts. Would like to get your take on whether or not our multi-lingual, 2-way vocal tech could be a useful complement to your great VR platform and/or embed helpful step-by-step assembly coaching dialogs or vocal product search in the IKEA mobile app to boost usage, brand perception. We’re in the field with this tech in another segment, and it would seem to be useful for the Simpsons of the world and helpful to IKEA marketing/ecomm. Let me know if you’d have time for a quick Skype call or whatever-

    1. Contact me on my mail …and we can take it from there…( don’t want to write it out…but I hope you can find it).

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