3ds MAX history…I have been in this since THUD version?

2 thoughts on “3ds MAX history…I have been in this since THUD version?

  1. Hi Martin

    Thanks for the retrospective. Very fitting given the approach of a new decade.

    It’s also a fitting time to look ahead.

    I’d be interested in what what features you and others think are likely to be developed over the next 5-10 years, particularly with the adoption of open standards being identified and developed by the Khronos 3D Commerce Group.

    In particular, I’d be interested to hear what members of the 3D Commerce Group think about the role that standards for the characterization and rendering of color and appearance based on iccMAX (ISO 20677) and related standards.

    1. In short I think, personally, that open standards for 3D is a must to reach the spatially aware future that I think is coming.

      A 3D objects appearance in a viewer/Renderer is hard to make look the same, but we have to try to make this work. It’s not only the material/shader and polygons but the lighting and camera setup in the viewer that makes the appearance of the object, so it’s a harder problem than a jpg standard.

      But it’s doable I think, if you look at it as you do with real life objects. You define the objects separately so that is set, then you define the “studio” environment. And then you have sample implementations of the rendering math that is shared openly……then it can look the same..as good as in the “real world” and we should not aim for more than that 😉

      (I can’t speak for the other members of Khronos 3D commerce….but this is my view)

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