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Join our IKEA startup Bootcamp! Apply now!

Depending on what your startup is focusing on, could be anything from new products , production methods, materials or new ways of meeting the customer in VR/MR you are more than welcome to apply. You will get a senior global IKEA business leader as mentor as well as access to tailored mentorship & advice from both IKEA and Rainmaking’s global network of serial entrepreneurs and experts.
Link to article about it! And in the article you find a link to the applications!

IKEA: Need to hire 5 brilliant techies – Can you help me spread the word?

IKEA: Need to hire 5 brilliant techies –  Can you help me spread the word?


Right now we’re looking for Technical developers within realtime 3D/game engine (VR/AR/MR) for our IKEA Digital Lab. People with innovative minds and lateral thinking.  People who think virtual worlds are cool and helping real people is even better. People who know why robots and pie go well together and why pointclouds on a sunny day does not matter at all.

Please spread/Share this  to anyone that you think could be interested!

Link – 4 Technical developers – IKEA Digital Lab, IKEA Communications, Älmhult

Link – Technical Project Leader – IKEA Digital Lab, IKEA Communications , Älmhult

Preliminary Deadline 4th of December….


I finally found the 2 animated movies that got me into CGI….not seen them in 26 years ;-)

In the late summer of 1990 I was invited to the Autodesk office in Gothenburg by Lars-Åke Moreau and he showed me the below two movies. After seeing them I was totally hooked and just needed to find a way of working with CGI….so I started as a reseller for 3D studio. I only saw these movies ones….and never more…until now when I thought of searching for them on YouTube….26 years later. 

I remembered them being MUCH better quality 😉   But never the less they sparked my passion for CGI, so I’m forever greatful to the creators!!!

(At the end of the last one you also get the spec for a 3D computer in 1990….3MB ram …;-)

“The Corner Stone” by Tom Hudson

Better version:

“Bored Room” promotional video for 3D Studio 1 (Dos version)

Here is a video showing the early interface by Tom Hudson:

Side not….found this old thing too

Animator from 1990 was a 2D animation software that could do 320×200 pixel animations in 256 colors…much like animated gifs ;-)….this was my introduction to animation and I actually earned money holding a course in using it… Spring 1990….and got me into the conference room at Autodesk where I got to see the two movies above…