Nathan Fariss from PIXAR talked at our IKEA event in Älmhult today

Nathan Fariss from PIXAR talked at IKEA Communications Days event in Älmhult today. Nathan Fariss, Sets Supervisor, Pixar Animation Studios talked about “Story-Tellling Sets: The ‘how’ and ‘why’ of Building a Digital World”.

Amazing how similar things can be even if we are in totally different industries. It’s a lot of hard work with talented people, working together, to be able to make it look great!

I met Nathan at SIGGRAPH 2012 and was invited to present at the PIXAR office in 2013. This is still one of the most fun talks I have done working for IKEA to date. We have talked about having Nathan at IKEA for several years…finally we made it happen.

I really loved this talk by Vlado at Chaosgroup!

A really good talk by Vlado at Chaosgroup, letting us in behind the scenes of the development of VRAY. Even if you use other renderers this gives an insight in what it takes to create and maintain one!

The job you have to do to incorporate new things, that did not exist when VRAY started, into the new versions to gain render speed. And the problems you have to solve when artists/users insist on doing not physically accurate things …?

I really loved this talk! I wish more developers would take after Vlado and share things this way!

Link to PDF with slides